The company Mundi Riso Srl is wholly owned by the Ebro Foods Group.
The Ebro Foods Group sees growth as a fundamental pillar of its management strategy, with an eye to consolidating itself as a leading business group.

On a global level, the group brings three key sustainability categories to the forefront:

Maximising quality and safety

Prevention and avoidance of accidents and injuries to improve the safety of direct and indirect (production and distribution) work

Implement environmental policies (especially those related to climate change and water)

Furthermore, it is committed to promoting respect for human rights in the supply chain, responsibly managing human resources (equality, reconciliation, and diversity), investing in the development of better food solutions for society, taking a chance on the use of raw materials with environmental and social sustainability criteria for ingredients and ready meals, and promoting the sustainable cultivation and production of the main raw materials used in the supply chain. Lastly, the group carries out activities to develop policies and invests in reducing and optimizing water consumption.


Following these procedures, the Group has identified five strategic areas: our Team, our community, our public, our shareholders and our environment, and five areas of action organized around the economic, environmental, social and governance pillars. Revolving around these areas of action are 13 principles, part of the RSE model, or work priorities whose goal is to ensure that Sustainability is integrated into every aspect of the business.


  1. Good governance
  2. Transparency
  3. Integrity
  4. Compliance (DDHH)
  5. Human resource management
  6. Health and safety at work
  7. Local community development
  8. Food quality and safety
  9. Nutrition and Health
  10. Innovation
  11. Sustainable agriculture
  12. Environmental responsibility
  13. Supply chain management


To make these 13 priorities a reality, in the 2019 financial year we launched the Plan, which, with the slogan “Caring for You and the Planet,” sets out the guidelines and action plans that the Ebro Group will carry out until the year 2030 to meet the demands and expectations of its stakeholders as reflected in their materiality analysis, contributing to the realization of the 2030 Agenda, with the goal of minimizing the negative impacts that the operation of its business may have on the environment while maximizing the positives at the same time.
The main action plans considered by RUMBO TOWARDS 2030 are people and health, through food and the planet.
As far as people are concerned, the plan has an impact on promoting the working lives of our professionals, focusing on continuing education and professional development for talent retention, finding formulas for reconciliation, equality and diversity, and occupational health and safety.
As far as caring for the planet is concerned, the key objectives are to ensure the environmental efficiency of all Group activities by working to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change and the sustainability of our main raw materials.
Turning to the third pillar, in order to ensure the health and well-being of our consumers, as well as the significant investments to ensure a wide range of healthy and safe products, we will continue to implement food quality and safety and actively work to promote healthy nutrition and lifestyle.
The continued commitment of both Ebro Foods Group and Mundi Rice to sustainability makes us proud, steadfast and determined to head into a future that can only be a success!